I didnt know if I should post this here but since it said starting your design. I thought it would be alright. Im a graphic designer. Mostly for print. I am really picky, for our logo it got so out of hand that i actually hired someone to do it and i gave up. i dont want to do that. I want to try harder. I do logos, brouchures, cd cases. I want to design my ownwebsite. the problem is that i took 2 classes. flash and dreamweaver. I dont know if photoshop slicing counts a a third. I seen this website and absolutely loved it. it has the fading in the backround and flickering on the text. would that be for dreamweave or flash. COuld some one help me or point me to any good tutorials for this kind of stuff. This is the website that i am talking about so you can get an idea, thank you. I appreciate it in advance, ANdy. i couldnt put the link up but here is the website if you want to see and get an idea of what im talking about