I updated last week to the most recent version of the new Firefox 3 Beta on one of my Mac development machines and seemed to be having issues with the CSS Dropdown List Menu "Flickering" when you mouse over through the menu when it is over the flash image carousel on our homepage.

It worked in the PC version, but not on the macs. I was hoping this was a bug that would be fixed in the Final Release, but does not seem to have been.

The work around in the past for this was to add a "wmode=transparent" parameter to the flash code, but that seems to have stopped working in the new FF release.

Can anyone confirm that is the issue? I don't think its the menu that's incompatible, because it works fine on the sub pages, it just messes up over the flash file.

If you would like to witness the problem visit our site -- gardner-webb.edu

I noticed toyota.com is having the same issue.

Thanks guys