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    Access popup from refreshed parent

    I am trying to make an music player to a site. I don't want the music to break after each refresh on the site so i though maybe I'll just put player onto a popup and player controller onto the header of the site itself. Problem is that i cant access pop up anymore after i have done the first refresh because instance of the window, as you might guess, is gone. Now i am wondering if i could access the pop up via its name i give when i use method. Or maybe i can see the list of windows currently open via DOM elements.

    I could do the opening of the pop up via php: i register a session or a cookie with the info that client has opened a pop up and second time page reloads, php wont create javascript code for opening pop up again (this prevents pop up from refreshing). Then i tried to access pup up using anchor :
    <a href="javascript:alert('alret in popup')" target="player">run script</a>
    but looks like that if target parameter is specified for anchor, it automatically accepts href parameter as address, not javascript code.

    So if anyone got any pointers to give me, then please do that!

    Thank you in advance.

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    the window.opener should still work.


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