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    A problem with childs and parents ...

    Hi guys ,

    I am stuck with a little problem with JQuery , I want to apply an OnClick event to a parent div and all of its childs except one child, the child has its own Onclick event .

    What happens is that when I click on that specific child , it executes its OnClick event and then executes the parent's event.

    The problem here is that I want the specific child to execute its event only without executing the parent event ...

    that's my code :

    HTML Code:
       // executes the parent's event ......
       // This applies to all childs   ......
       // executes the child's event ......

    And this is the HTML structure :

    HTML Code:
    <div id="parent">
       <div> text ....</div>
       <div> text ....</div>
       <div> text ....</div>
       <div> text ....</div>
       <div id="specific-child"> specific content over here ...</div>

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    From the child function, return false and that will prevent the event from travelling up to the parent one.
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