I'm unable to use the info tag. It doesn't work. I'm not sure why.

From Sitepoint Tribune 190:
Here's an interesting tip from Tribuner Frank Pilone:

Sometimes, you may want to define the meaning of a complex word or term on your site, without writing out the definition in a bracket or using JavaScript to create a new window which contians the definition.

With HTML 4.0 you can create a message that appears above a word. It'd look very similar to the way visitors can see the ALT text of an image by hovering their mouse pointer over it.

Here's the code that you would insert in your Cascading Style Sheet:

info {
border-bottom: 1px dashed #00cc00;
cursor: help;

Next, whenever you want to define the word, you would simply use the "title" attribute to describe the word. For example, if I wanted to let people know what Frank Pilone meant, I could do the following:
<info title="my name">Frank Pilone</info>

Whenever someone hovers their mouse over the word, the text "my name" would appear.

Because people will likely not know that they can get more information about a word by hovering their mouse over the word, it probably makes sense to make the information appear when someone hovers their mouse over a "details" or "more informaiton" link. Here's what it could look like:

Frank Pilone <info title="my name">(Details)</info>