I am a new site designer and have taken on a job that's a little above me I think.,
I am older and have taught myself at home so am unfamiliar with tec toc So I don't know how to ask what I need to know.
I need to build an aplication that is this.....pick the vehicle year--- what is available in that yr shows up (truck capopys) Pick -Dodge --- My choices become,--- Model, and bed type. The desired result is to get it to tell me what models we have to fit your truck.

example: I had a link for an example of what I need but can't post it aparently Centry truck caps The fit my truck page. is this ok?

My Question is . What is this type of app. called and what would be the best/quickist way to learn (what Book should I get?) Or??????
If someone can point me in the right direction, I would be greatfull.