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    Email List Manager Pro? or other List Manager tracking software recommendation?


    We are looking for some email list management software. We have several requirements and preferences;

    - firstly, we have a significant number of emails from existing buyers who we would like to add to our list, and I believe Aweber does not allow this (I believe they require that all signups come through their software and there is no entering of the names and addresses yourself) so Aweber is pretty much out of the question.

    Then our requirements are that it be cost effective, be able to manage multiple lists, be able to write a series and send it to people as they sign up and automatically send each message at set intervals, for the templates to be customizable, and also really importantly TRACK the % emails opened and links clicked.

    Having looked at a few different programs our favorite is "Email List Manager Pro" ( - it seems to do all of the above, and it is a one off (reasonable) price rather than a monthly cost which can get quite high for larger lists. If anyone has directly used this software we would be extremely grateful for your thoughts, or if anyone can recommend anything else we would be keen to compare it!

    Kind Regards,

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    Hey Dan,

    I've used Aweber for a while now and they don't have a problem with you adding names you already have to your list, but they do require that a confirmation email gets sent to them to confirm that they do indeed want to be on your mailing list.

    Aweber would be my pick for a hosted solution, but if you want to buy something once and install it on your own server, I'd give a serious look.



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