This might be a foolish question as this is sort of the basis of business in America, but, I figured I'd run it by you folks anyway.

What do you think of calling on clients that are being serviced by competitors? Now, I'm not talking about clients who have gorgeous websites with standards-compliant code and good copy and all that. That's a fool's errand, their providers are obviously doing a great job and those clients most likely would not switch under any circumstances. I would hope all of my clients would fall into this category.

I'm talking about, you land on a terrible website from a friend of a friend, and see a "DESIGNED BY SO AND SO" at the bottom, click it, and find that lo and behold this company has a number of websites that are poorly designed and not working for their customers.

What do you think about giving those customers a call, letting them know you stumbled across their website, and seeing where it leads? In the immortal words of Lynyrd Skynyrd, "Does your conscience bother you? Tell the truth!"

It's a law of the universe that what goes around comes around, but, so long as we're taking care of our clients the same shouldn't be able to happen with us. Should we be free to go after competitors who are taking their clients for granted? Does it go without saying that we should? Do we virtually have an obligation to those clients to get them set up right?