Hello all, I am, once again, having issues with sIFR. I am using version 323 because I was having problems with the more up-to-date versions with Opera & IE6. Is there a bug proof version that would work across most browsers?

Anyway, back to my issue. I have one #header element which surrounds an <h1> element and a display:block <a> element so you have:

<div id="#header">
<a>My link text in sifr (this has a background image that changes on rollover)</a>
<h1>My title in sifr</h1>

a floats to the right and <h1> floats to the left. Now, sifr does not seem to like floats. It will either cause the text to crop or wrap. In IE6 the result is often in one single vertical line.

Now I cannot apply a fixed width to either because the text will be localized and I never know how long it will be.

I tried:

fitExactly: true, forceSingleLine: true

but none of it works.

Is there a solution to this problem? There doesn't appear to be logical behaviour coming from sifr, it's like a hit or miss so it's difficult to document the bugs I come across..

Any ideas?