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    Unhappy problem during cancel the text editing

    hello, i have try to implement tis edit in place in my code, and it work fine for me with my asp coding. but i have some problem about cancel the editing.
    the problem is:

    1.when i click on the text, it will display the editable textbox, let said i put some word inside the textbox but i didnt save it and click on the Cancel Button. and then i click on the Text and edit again, it should display my original data and not the DATA i insert into the textbox without saving just now. how can i solve tis problem?
    how can I display Message like "Please Edit ur name here" on the empty editable place when i mouseover that editable place?

    my reference:
    below tis is the JS i have used.
    function createRequestObject() { var ro; var browser = navigator.appName; if(browser == "Microsoft Internet Explorer"){ ro = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); }else{ ro = new XMLHttpRequest(); } return ro; } var http = createRequestObject(); function sndReq(action) {'get', action); http.onreadystatechange = handleResponse; http.send(null); } function handleResponse() { if(http.readyState == 4){ if(http.responseText=="firstname") { var replaceText = document.getElementById('firstnamevalue').value; document.getElementById('firstname_rg_display_section').innerHTML = replaceText; document.getElementById('firstname_rg').style.display = ''; document.getElementById('firstname_hv').style.display = 'none'; } else if(http.responseText=="lastname") { var replaceText = document.getElementById('lastnamevalue').value; document.getElementById('lastname_rg_display_section').innerHTML = replaceText; document.getElementById('lastname_rg').style.display = ''; document.getElementById('lastname_hv').style.display = 'none'; } } } function flashRow(obj) { obj.bgColor = "#FFFF99"; obj.title="Click here to edit"; } function unFlashRow(obj){ obj.bgColor = "#FFFFFF"; }
    tis below is my HTML code

    <tr id="firstname_rg"> <td align="right" height="15px"> <b>First Name : </b> </td> <td onmouseover="flashRow(this);" onmouseout="unFlashRow(this);" onclick="document.getElementById('firstname_hv_editing_section').style.display=''; document.getElementById('firstname_hv_saving_section').style.display='none'; document.getElementById('firstname_rg').style.display='none'; document.getElementById('firstname_hv').style.display=''; "> <div id="firstname_rg_display_section"> <%if strFirstName ="" OR IsNull(strFirstName) OR IsEmpty(strFirstName) then strFirstName="Click here to edit first name" else strFirstName=strFirstName end if %> <%=strFirstName %> </div> <div id="novalue_display" style="display: none;"> Click here to add the first name</div> </td> </tr> <tr id="firstname_hv"> <td align="right"> <b>First Name : </b> </td> <td> <div id="firstname_hv_editing_section"> <input type="text" class="editMode" size="20" value="<%=strFirstName %>" id="firstnamevalue" /> &nbsp; <input type="button" value="Save" onclick="document.getElementById('firstname_hv_editing_section').style.display='none'; document.getElementById('firstname_hv_saving_section').style.display=''; var req='updateProfileAjax.asp?part=firstname&id=<%=session("userid") %>&val='+document.getElementById('firstnamevalue').value; sndReq(req);" /> OR <input type="button" value="Cancel" onclick="document.getElementById('firstname_rg').style.display=''; document.getElementById('firstname_hv').style.display='none';" /> </div> <span id="firstname_hv_saving_section" class="savingAjaxWithBackground">Saving...</span> <script type="text/javascript"> document.getElementById('firstname_hv').style.display='none'; document.getElementById('firstname_hv_saving_section').style.display='none'; </script> </td> </tr>
    i hope some one can help me on tis.........looking forward ur kindness..thank you.

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    I'm not sure about the first problem and suspect that it may be a browser issue, but for the second problem the typical way is to show the "Please enter ..." message in light grey in the box, which clears when you click on it.
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