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    Domain name value

    This is my domain, a HUGE upcoming game called Red Alert 3 is coming out, I have the only domain left, all others the publisher EA owns.

    Im hoping its worth alot, maybe $900+

    Tips and advice plz.

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    ya. it's called cyber squatting, and they can go through a legal process to claw the name off you. The legal presidence is such that I believe they would win.

    Depending on EAs policy, assuming they want the name, they may prefer to give you some cash rather than pay and wait for legal process. EA is your best chance of selling it for a good price. You need to price your name at a level where they would pay, because it would save them the hassle of calling the lawyers.

    Don't worry if they send you a nasty letter asking for the name, the worst that can happen is that they get the name from you for free.

    Offer it for grand, settle for 500, ask them for two copies of the game, send me one.

    I bought a couple of names on behalf of a well known property company from a cyber squatter a few years back. He knew that if the price was too high I would call the lawyers.

    Before the release of the game try and put up a website on the address that somehow ties into the name, and yet is unrelated to EAs product.

    This makes it harder for them to get the name from you.


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