Hi. I am trying to do my first website using JavaScript but so far I have no output on IE or mozilla.

The idea is that when the website is open the user gets a welcome message and a paragraph about the theme of the page. then you answer some questions and finally you put to graphics related to your theme.

Could you help me.... thanks

this is my code

        <script language="JavaScript">
	var Stringquestiona = 'JavaScript';
	var Stringquestionb = 'The data types in JavaScript are: Numeric, String, Logical, JavaScript Element, Null, and Date ';
	var Stringquestionc = 'PERL, ASP, PHP';
	var Stringquestiond = 'Translate a program into machine language '; 
	var Stringquestione = 'HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a protocol which governs "how" communication
                           happen and the structure for those communications ';
	var Stringquestionf = 'CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a program which manages information going
                           in and out of a web server. CGI is not a programming language itself, it is a protocol
                           for the rules controlling how a web server comunicates with the outside world. 
                           CGI programs may be written in any programming language (conpiled or interpreted)'; 
	var Stringquestiong = 'If, While, For';
	var Stringquestionh = 'if(a != b) { document.write(a is not equal to c)}' ;

	var Stringquestioni = 'if(a = c) {document.write("a" is equal to "c")}';

	var Stringquestionj = 'if(a = >c) {document.write("a" is greater than or equal to "c")}';
	var myString = "";
	var answerString = "mythological"; 
    newImage1 = new Image ()
    newImage2 = new Image ()

<script language="JavaScript">
                         document.write('<h1>Welcome to my website</h1><h2> The theme is "Unicorns"</h2>
                        Since I remember I have Unicorns around me. Are they special? YES. 
                        They are beautiful and pure creatures. So, this is my hobby... to collect them.<br>
                         A unicorn (from Latin unus "one" and cornu "horn") is a mythological creature often used in
                         fantasy stories, picture book, and novels.Though the modern popular image of the unicorn
                         is sometimes that of a horse differing only in the horn on its forehead, the traditional
                         unicorn has a billy-goat beard, a lion's tail, and cloven hooves - these distinguish it from a horse.');

                  document.write('Answer the following questions:');<br>

	document.write('a) If a script is processed client side, what program does the interpreting?<br>'
                    + Stringquestiona '<br><br>');

	document.write('b) Name the data types in JavaScript.'<br> + Stringquestionb <br><br>) ;

	document.write('c) If a program is processed server side, what program does the interpreting?'
                        <br> + Stringquestionc <br><br>);

	document.write('d) What does compiling a program actually do?<br>'
                       + Stringquestiond '<br><br>');

	document.write('e) What function does the HTTP protocol perform?<br>'
                        + Stringquestione '<br><br>');

	document.write('f) What is the acronym CGI an abbreviation for, and what is a CGI?<br>'
                         + Stringquestionf '<br><br>');

	document.write('g) Name the control structures in JavaScript?<br>'
                          + Stringquestiong '<br><br>');

	document.write('h) Show the code for the following -- if variable "a" is not equal to variable "c" print a message reading "a is not equal to c".<br>'
                           + Stringquestionh '<br><br>');

	document.write('i) Show the code for the following - if variable "a" is equal to variable "c" print a message reading "a is equal to c".<br>'
                             + Stringquestionie '<br><br>');

	document.write('j) Show the code for the following - if variable "a" is greater than or equal to "c" print a message reading "a is greater than or equal to c".<br>'
                             + Stringquestionj '<br><br>');

myString = prompt(" is a Unicorn a mythological or a fantasy creature?", "");
<input type = "text" name="result"><br><br>

while (result != answerString)
document.write("The answer is incorrect. Try again...");

alert("You did it!!!! Congratulations");

for(x=1; x <=7; x++) {
document.write("Out of a possible 7 lines, this is the" + x + "line <br>");

newImage1.src = "Unicornio.gif"   
newImage2.src = "Unicornio1.gif" 

document.images[0].src = newImage1.src
document.images[1].src = newImage2.src