I'm curious to know what you think about the directive on legal protection of databases when it comes to:

1) Using iTunes to view your own purchased or converted (from a legally bought CD to MP3) songs and copy the information for use in your own database on your website.
2) Browsing the songs from various artists in the iTunes Store and getting the information from there instead of from your own collection.

In both cases it's possible to get comma separated lists generated from iTunes which could be entered in a database.

Is it legal in the first case if the songs comes from a bunch of private CD:s?

In the case with the store, does it matter how rare the data (songs) are considered to be? When i browsed their archives i noticed they have a huge load of bands that i have never even heard of. What if i'm only in it for the oldies (Guns'n'Roses as an example) who are spread all over the web, but i just want to avoid the manual work to shorten the start-up process of a site containing such information?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts shared on this topic.