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    Can/Should I Sell 2 Similar Sites In the Same Auction?

    I have 2 sites and I want to sell both, but they are both on the same topic and one is much smaller than the other. One earns about $110 per month and the other only earns about $10. It seems a waste to start another auction for the small site, but slightly confusing to have them in the same auction.

    They do go well together, so buyers may wish to buy both which is why I almost put them in the same auction.

    What should I do?

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    The only way it make sense to put to sites in the same auction listing is if you're selling them together. When someone puts in a bid in an auction, they are bidding on everything listed in the auction, there is no facility in Sitpoint's marketplace for you to accept bids separately for two sites except if they're listed separately.
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