Hi people. I'm new to mysql so don't know much.
Here's my question. I have a database set up and I can get the information into the database fine, it is when I try to print this information onto a page, this is the code I have for getting the information from the database:

while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
printf("<p>%s<br>\n-&gt; <span class=%s>Priority %s</span>, %s<br>\n-&gt; Estimated time: %s</p>", $myrow[description], $myrow[priorcl], $myrow["priority"], $myrow["solution"], $myrow["time"]);


The problem is that no 'description' text appears and each part is shifted forward, so that where the descriptoin is meant to appear there will ne the 'priorcl' etc. The url is this:
(It's not finsihed yet as you can see)and this is what it should look like:
Any help would be much appreciated TIA