Hi all.

I have some parked domains (with sedo) and last night i was looking for some free link directorys that accept parked pages so i could have some incoming links to them.

I did find some but they all say the same thing :

"To validate the reciprocal link please include the following HTML code in the page at the URL specified above, before submitting this form"

I dont understand where this link should go..Is it into the source code (html)of the parked page??? If so, how will it work as with parked pages you cant save any changes to the html code..

Im really lost with this. Also when i was looking on the free link directories i seen another sedo members parked pages, so it can be done. but how is he doing it.

Does anyone know?

Cant contact him either as sedo doesnt show any contact details.unless his domain is in auction (which it isnt)