I have a page of products and would like to add the simple ability for visitors to click a "add to cart" link next to each product.

If clicked, the item will be added to their cart. The page will NOT reload. A javascript popup will then appear and tell them the item was added to their cart and ask if they want to view their cart now.

If they choose no, then the popup just closes. Customer can now add additional items, etc. If they choose yes, then they are redirected to the shopping cart page where they see a list of items they have added to their cart, can remove, update quantity, etc. Then they can enter their contact info and submit. (Info is then sent in an email, and website owner will contact to confirm and obtain payment, etc.)

Is something like this possible? Anyone have a demo of how to do it, or point me to a script that offers this? I can pay a little bit but probably not more then $50 or so..