I have searched EVERYWHERE for the past week and have had no luck.

Currently I have a photo gallery on my aquarium fish website (fishindex.com). It has well over 2,200+ photos and is still going strong. I have created a SHTML page for each of these files by hand. This has been quite time consuming and I know there has to be a better way. I was hoping I could create a MySQL/PHP database with the following features:

1. Create multiple categories/sub-categories for the photos
2. Under each category I want a list of links to all of the photos. On this list I want the names to be sorted by common name of the fish. Also, I DONT want thumb nails.
3. On each page with the photo I want it to have a URL or email address link. Because the authors have asked that I place a link under each photo. Also, I would like the common name and scientific name of the fish under each photo. If possible I would like a little area where I can make comments.
4. Customizable headers and footers for each page.

I know that I am really asking for a lot. I hope that there is a script already out there that could do this for me.

I don't know anything about sql or anything related to it. I do know that my server supports both MySQL and PHP.

If you can help me in ANY way I would be very happy. Even a link or just aim me in some direction to help me organize this photo gallery.