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I am facing a little bit of an issue, or at least thats what I feel it is.

I have had a particular client for some time now, and have been involved in quite alot with them including web design and internet marketing, and have become somewhat close.

Then a competitor, although not a strictly direct competitor, came to us pleading for our services as they knew we had great experience in a website that would be somewhat similar to the one we would be building for them. The competitor is located in the same city if that matters.

Anyway I was worried that my client would think it was unjust that we could be doing web design and internet marketing for a competitor when we know so much about that industry, and be able to pass on such valuable info. The money we are being offered by the new guy is great, and hard to turn away from.

Would love peoples thoughts hear. Does anyone think what I am doing is wrong? Everyone I have spoken to has said no way and I am entitled to do work for everyone, but would like peoples experiences and feedback.


Hi tmoney101,

It may cost you more money to not work for your client's competitors. I say that because it sounds to me like this client is a bread and butter client and may have dominance of your time? If I am wrong then just understand what I am saying is only a suggestion. Working for his competitors keeps you in business. That is something that ultimately your client doesn't worry about, i.e., keeping you in business. If it ever comes a time that he is no longer able to pay for your services, you may find yourself without work. So unless he is able to pay you enough to make up for that loss then why should he stand in the way of you taking on other competitors?