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    How to send binary data to srial com port of a pc using ror..

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to ROR, and would like to ask for guidance how to send binary data to serial port to light an LED..

    thanks in advance,

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    Do you already have the LED panel purchased? What brand/type is it? Which platform is the RoR server running on?

    You can either find a serial library for Ruby that's appropriate and control the LED in the CODE for your actions (not recommended), write a Ruby script that you can spawn with DRb or similar (so that users aren't kept waiting for the serial communication to finish), or find/write an external program which you can invoke from within Ruby for controlling the LED.

    I would recommend trying all Ruby-solutions first for project cohesion, but if you already have other (C?) programs for controlling the LEDs working, it's probably easier to spawn that program from within Rails instead.
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