I have been trying to position a text link over an image like this www.styrofirm.com/css/the-way-it-should-look.gif

And this is what i tried

<div class="shell">
<div class="text"><a href="v">+ Enlarge</a></div>
<img src="snare_pic_lrg.jpg" width="200" height="200">

The link is absolutly postioned over the img and everything works fine but i get a space the same height of the link added to the top of the image.

HTML _ www.styrofirm.com/css/blah.html
CSS _ www.styrofirm.com/css/1-a.css

I have tried a couple other things all with no luck.

Basicly all i need is to get rid of that space so the css border around the img is the same all the way around.

Has anybody tried anything like this before? if so i would love to know how you did it.

Thanks heaps