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    object scrollbars won't go away in IE in xhtml strict

    I am working on using 2 objects (would be iframes, but xhtml strict doesn't support them anymore):

    The objects are for the Local Weather section and the blue listing ad on the right side. FF displays just fine, but IE won't show the content, AND I can't get the scroll bars to go away.

    I have read numerous articles on this problem, and a few people have suggested answers. I have tried all of them and nothing works.

    1. Content doesn't display - would this be because the html I am trying to pull in has html tags and a doctype attached?
    2. The freaking scrollbars won't go away

    Please don't suggest that I change doctypes. The client wants xhtml strict, and the document currently validates as such.
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    See where I have an article on using object in place of iframe which discusses how to fix those things which are fixable and identifies those things that are not. Scrollbars only appear in IE6 and can be fixed by applying appropriate styles to the page contained in the object. The things that can't be fixed for IE are the IE7/8 borders and the fact that objects are always in front in IE (except where the object contains Flash where the wmode can be used to fix it).
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