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    Unhappy DMCA copyright infringement Notice. Need advice DESPERATELY

    Dear community,

    I received a DMCA copyright notice from and they have taken down the website. The unfortunate thing is I do not have backup of the database as well.

    Yes it was foolish of me not to take disc database backups.

    Below is the copy of the email I received.


    We have received a formal DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice
    regarding allegedly infringing content hosted on your site. The specific
    content in question is as follows:

    link removed

    The party making the complaint (Emma Rutherford --, claims under penalty of perjury to
    be or represent the copyright owner of this content. Pursuant to 17
    U.S.C. § 512(c), we have removed access to the content in question.

    In reviewing the site we found that you appear to be facilitating the
    illegal distribution of quite a bit of copyrighted content including
    books, magazines, etc. here:

    link removed


    link removed

    link removed

    link removed

    (for just a few examples)

    Unfortunately as a result of this activity we will no longer be able to
    offer you hosting and your account has been closed for Terms of Service

    I do not mind them disabling the hosting, but all I am asking for access to my server so that I can backup my database atleast. I will delete all copyright material and put it back up.

    We were mentioned in the press as the website of the student, for the student and by the student. A scanned copy of that can be reproduced if you need it.

    We also were Online forum partners with TiE summit 2007, the WORLDS LARGEST entrepreneurs conference. more details on

    I say the above just to put in perspective that we are a legit forum and our purpose is not to spread copyright material but to help students.

    The forum is a very famous educational resource for management students across the country.

    I have emailed them apologizing and asking for getting the backup of the database atleast.

    Respected Sir,

    I am apologetic that users uploaded copyright content on the website. I do understand the concern and will personally take care of such issues in future. If given a chance I assure you that all copyright content will be deleted by my team asap if you allow us to continue with your hosting.

    With effect the plan of action would be to :

    a.) setup a team and remove all copyright content in the next 48 hours.

    b.) Ban the users who uploaded copyright content

    c.) Inform all users that they cannot upload ebooks.

    I also understand that you might not be able to co-operate in this regard, in which case please allow me to at least backup my database so that the site can be relaunched after removing copyright content on some other server.

    The site is home for thousands of management students and it would be unfair for them to loose out on educational resource due to malpractices by a few users.

    Eagerly awaiting a positive response.
    But I got a reply stating they wont be able to help me out.


    Unfortunately we won't be able to reinstate the account; the forum in
    question had a specific area to post ebooks thus it appears that the site
    owner/moderator/you were at very least complicit with the posting of this
    content until now.

    Also, unfortunately data backups are not available for accounts closed
    due to Terms of Service violations.
    I have emailed them back pleading for the database.

    All i wish to have is a few hours access to my account so that I can backup my database and files. Complying with the law is assured as I do not intend to break it in any way.

    This is my hardwork of years and years and yes my career depends on it.

    What Can I do to get back the database?

    Please do not reply with "You fool, you must've taken backups" . I am regretting not doing that already.
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