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    Simulating the Union Jack Flag?

    how would i go about making a union jack flag in the backgriund for the header. i.e Uk flag part faded with the grey?
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    One of the 'good' things about the Union Jack flag is that the structure is uniquely recognisable.

    Thanks to this you could swap the colours for almost any other and the Union Jack will stillbe recognisable.

    I would suggest taking two (maybe three) tints of a colour that you have used elsewhere in your site and recolouring it using those.

    If the background is predominantly gray, then even three tints of white would give a very modernising feel to the flag.

    Using tints as opposed to the usual red, white and blue will give you a tight, clean and contemporary adaptation of the Union Jack whilst still remaining entirely recognisable.

    Anyway, that's my 2p
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