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    Need advice in pricing strategy for job/portfolio website


    I'm managing a job/portfolio website targeted to the Flemish speaking market in Belgium (which is 6 million in total). The site counts +4000 registered users and has about 1000 unique visitors per day. The site is doing very well - growing rapidly and attracting new companies every day. Now the time has come to develop a solid pricing strategy.

    Currently publishing a job (for three months) is free. Besides that there are three commercial services. One is sending out a mailing with a job to all users, this costs 400 euros. The other two services are bannering but I don't want to tackle this in this post.

    Because so many companies ask what it costs to publish a job there is a potential to start charging for this service which is free at this moment. Charging for each job is the classic way of thinking but I'm not convinced of this strategy.

    Pricing is hard in the job market. Big companies are willing to pay loads while small companies barely have budgets to spend on online recruitment. That's why I would like to keep the job posting free and charge for additional services. Right now the mailing of 400 euros sells well but it's impossible to keep this service because for each job an individual mail is sent. If the frequency of those mails becomes too high, users will start to unsubscribe. So I need to develop another pricing strategy.

    The mailing service can stay but to keep the frequency under control individual job mailings need to be combined in one mailing sent out each week or month. But there is no definable frequency in those job mailings at this moment so I need to find an additional commercial product/service to fill in the gab and monetize the free job listing.

    A strategy could be limiting the listing period for free jobs from three to one month with the option to extend the listing period for a certain fee (with the option to be included in a weekly mailing). But I think new jobs attract more users the first month of publication so it would be weird to start charging while a job gets less views.

    I could also limit the number of free listings per company so that they can try out the service but need to pay after the first trial. I could also offer the ability to subscribe for one year for an unlimited number of posts?

    Any thoughts on the strategies above or other suggestions for monetizing the free job listing?

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    Why don't you simply charge employers for having their job posted on the site. That is what traditional media has been doing since its inception. It works I think.

    Offering employers to post job free of charge the first month and charging them afterwards is a bad idea. No employer in his right mind would pay having had a free one month posting. He either has the position filled in within that one month or not found suitable candidate in which case no reason to pay.

    As I said earlier, charge for each posting and limit the period that ad is visible. Also go easy on mass emailing. May be email job listings twice a week. But not definitely once a week or month.


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