Alright guy's, heres a little bit of my life story but bare with me.
I'm at work and I've got a annoyingly boring customer on the phone so this is really distracting me and that's a good thing

So, I haven't touched a website in about 14 months. Prior to that I've run and sold quite a few websites, in quite different categories.

Now im a bit confused on how to take my approach back into the game.
I still own a number of domains, and I also still have three websites that are online, these sites use to earn 3-5$ a day via Google Adsense but those days have passed and from what I have read online and seen via advertisments, Google has changed the way the advertisment's work, and the CPM has drastically decreased for the categories my sites fall under (1 Anime forum, 1 Sports fan site, 1 Soup recipe database).
I also use to use TLA (text link ads) but they have also removed me since my sites were not updated for so long. Page-rank and all that has dropped to 2 and 1 and 0 etc...obviously.
Although I've still got a few back links left.. (no more then 1-2k in Google)

Now to be straight out honest, I don't know if I should work on these old existing sites and if I do, what directions to take them.. or focus all my efforts into a new project - more profitable. I'm looking into maybe getting a reseller program going and using a service like AdWords to refer customer, seeing as I'm working for Adwords campaigning team at the moment.. I'd be able to monitor it easily.

To be honest I'm confused, I have the time now and I have the knowledge and experience a webmaster requires to carry out a project without fail.. I just have no direct or idea what I'm doing.