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Thread: Trademarks

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    I recently registered a website named "". On the 7th, a company named Trans World sent me a letter stating that I had to transfer the domain name to them, or they would take it and sue me, due to trademark issues. They have a chain of stores called "f.y.e.". My site, FYE Films, stands for "For Your Entertainment Films", and their store, "f.y.e.", stands for "For Your Entertainment". They claim to have trademarks on "FYE", "F.Y.E.", "FYE MUSIC/GAMES/MOVIES", etc. A person I know checked the trademark codes they gave, and none seem to be legit.

    My question is, if I include a disclaimer, could they still do anything? Or, can they even do anything as it stands now? If you need to read the letter, you can go to the following link.

    Click Here

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

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    A disclaimer doesn't negate trademark infringement; if you're infringing, you're infringing. Can they do something? Sure. They can sue you six ways to Sunday. Whether or not they'll win is difficult to say without more information. F.Y.E. is a fairly well known brand especially on the East Coast of the US so be prepared for them to push their brand if they decide to move ahead. As far as the validity of their name, they definitely have registered marks (including federal registration #3109282, #2490844, #74477801, #76372429 and likely others).

    If you plan to keep your domain I would highly suggest speaking with an attorney as this is not something forum users can give you proper advice on.

    Many attorneys will offer you a free or low cost initial consultation which may be all you need to judge if this is worth fighting, ignoring or giving in on.

    It's also worth pointing out that they're willing to pay for the domain transfer and reasonable fees associated with it which is a plus.
    - Ted S


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