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    PHP/MySQL Install Problem: Cant Find Headers

    OK here's the deal. I'm trying to install php4.06 and mysql 3.2.32 on a RaQ2 server. MySQL installed correctly, and now I'm trying to upgrade apache and install php4.06. When I get to configuring php, I get the following error:

    configure: error: Cannot find header files under /usr/local/include/mysql

    So I did a search for this error and came across this:

    It says you need to have both *.so and *.h files in that directory mentioned in the error. I only have *.h files in that directory. Do I need to find these *.so files and move them there? Where do I find them? Is this the problem? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    If you need to know, here's the guide I used to install everything up to the error:
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    For safety, I'd _copy_ them and not _move_ them... However, I suggest a re-instillation of MySQL.. you should always install your webserver, scripting languages (perl or any cgi before all others), then databases... (IMO). This builds a "community", 'cause things in one may depend on any combination of the last few, so.. I think thats a good order. You may even want to uninstall and reinstall mysql... but a reinstall should do.

    Ahh yeah, and make sure you have the correct build for the system!!!
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