Hey guys,

I'm making an application that gets information stored from a database and outputs it in tables. I got the basic part down fine, but now I want to sort it using form elements. This is where I hit a wall:

I created the form starter in ruby code "<%= form_tag :action=>"sort" %>" and was wondering if this would post to a method in the controller called "sort"? If so, I would just do something like "if request.post? ... end"? Also, if I am trying to make the comparisons with database entries, what is the best way to do it?

Something like the following?:

@items = Item.find(Item.style == :form_style)

Is the :form_style automatically taken from the form if I had, say, a selectbox named "form_style" and compare it to each Item with the same style entry in the table?

Are there any tutorials you guys know of on how to do this?

I'm also looking at how to paginate if anyone knows how to do that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks!!!