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    Thumbs up SitePoint Forums' Graphic Resources

    Part of the SitePoint spirit is that of sharing information and talents. We strongly encourage all members to write their own tutorials, series' or produce links and discussions on valuable topics. The more of these we can have, the easier it will be for people to learn the craft which we all know and love!

    This topic is for a list of Graphic Resources whether here in the SitePoint Network or elsewhere on the Internet. If you know of a resource that isn't list contact the nearest Build Team Advisor and they can add it for you.


    Sometimes the simplest resources are the hardest to find. These threads detail some very useful snippets of information.

    Definitive List of Font Sites (Apr. 29, 2002 -- Jeremy W., SitePoint Advisor)
    There are hundreds of font sites out there, but which ones have good content? Which ones don't have too many popups? Which ones are worth visiting? This thread presents an ever-growing list of these very types of sites, the ones that are worthwhile.

    Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts (Feb. 12, 2002 -- glenplake, SitePoint Mentor)
    Ever wonder if there's an easer way to do something in Photoshop so you can avoid serous carpel tunnel damage? The answer may be just a key press away.

    Inexpensive or Free Stock Photo Resources (Jan. 7, 2002 -- Trillian)
    Short on dough, but you need a good-looking picture to fill some space? Find great free or low-cost stock photo resources recommended by SitePoint members.

    Free Stock Photography (Apr. 3, 2002, iTec, SitePoint Mentor)
    A rather comprehensive list of some of the best Stock Photo sites online, rated by usefulness.


    Ah, the staple of the design world, tutorials. Here are just a few that have come out of the Forums. Feel free to create your own, we will all love them I'm sure!

    TrippyFX (May 3, 2002 -- platinum SitePoint Advisor)
    A solid tutorial on taking whatever images you have laying around and making a great-looking background with lots of depth for your headers or whatever you need it for!

    Black & White To Color (May 1, 2002 -- iTec, SitePoint Mentor)
    If you've ever wanted to change black and white images into colour ones (either selectively for the red flower black image look, or the whole image to make it look really nice), this tutorial is just what you need. Of course you could do it the hard way, but Nick walks you through some incredibly easy steps to do a very advanced technique!

    175 Tutorial Links (Apr. 8, 2002 -- iTec, SitePoint Mentor)
    A great thread with nearly 200 links to tutorial sites. If you want to learn, this is the thread to find those special techniques in!

    Back to School: The Elements of Design. (Mar. 27, 2002 -- iTec, SitePoint Mentor)
    All designers need to know the basics. Join iTec down the road to the discovery of color, line, mass, movement, space, texture and value.

    Ion Fire Cloudbursts (Mar. 24, 2002 -- Steelsun, SitePoint Mentor)
    All designers need neat effects from time to time. Learn how to bring

    Making a Black Hole (Nov. 9, 2001 -- JMulder)
    Sometimes we just need a weird effect. By mixing the Clouds, Distortion Filters, Brightness/Contrast settings we can come up with some pretty cool little toys, here's one!


    SitePoint Advisor, Jeremy W. really out did himself with a series of eleven excellent tutorials. Topics covered here range from popular styles to image editing to neat tricks with Photoshop. They're all simple and easy enough for a novice, but useful to even an experienced designer.

    Some Grunge (Dec. 18, 2001)
    Grunge is a real popular style at the moment that has a dark, random feel. Learn to grunge up your work from Jeremy.

    Techy Blocks (Nov. 23, 2001)
    High-tech is in high demand, these days. Let Jeremy teach you how add a pixilated yet organic flare to your work.

    Circly Circles (Nov. 16, 2001)
    Sorry about the title, I couldn't think of anything better. The goal of this technique is really to learn the power of the Polar Coordinates, and some of the funky things it can do!

    Curved Lines (Nov. 16, 2001)
    Making random shapes can greatly enhance our compositions, and this one allows you to create semi-random curvedness to your lines (changing settings allows them to be "softer" ). Have a go, and let us know how you do!

    Dotty Weirdness (Nov. 9, 2001)
    Description: There's this weird retro polka-dot thing going through the design community. Seen it? Wanna know how to do it? Simple, click away

    Random Grungy Shapes (Nov. 6, 2001)
    If you've ever needed a kind of random element in one of your pieces, this technique may just be for you. Quick, easy, but very effective at a crucial moment (good for rust, for instance).

    Original Scanlines (Nov. 6, 2001)
    Scanlines are a great technique. Here's a quick way to spice them up.

    Airbrushing a Face (Oct. 19, 2001)
    This is a link to an article on airbrushing and generally making faces and pictures look better.

    Bring Life To Old Pictures (Oct. 15, 2001)
    This is essentially a technique to make a picture more "intense". It is great for taking old worn out pictures (sunbleached) you've got laying around and making them "alive" again. It teaches working with various image adjustment tools and photoshop.

    Colourizing Black & White Images (Oct. 12, 2001)
    Many of us have seen those really striking pictures where a certain area of a picture is colour and the rest is black and white, or have heard of genius's who can turn a black and white image to colour. This lesson covers both aspects, as well as how to use the pen tool and work with paths and strokes.

    Swirls & Such (Oct. 11, 2001)
    The ability to quickly create groups of shapes working with custom brushes is one which essential to many graphic designers. Brushes allow you to reproduce effects and patterns really easily. This technique deals both with the effect of swirls as well as teaching you how to make custom brushes.


    A solid group of inspiring templates, shapes, colours, fonts which are designed to style. If you have a project of this type or are just looking some inspiration, this series by SitePoint Advisor, Adam P. is truly worth a look!

    UltraHip(July 18, 2002)
    Description: Design a site with the "modern", "contemporary", "hip" look.
    Template: Part 1 | Part 2

    Corporate (Mar. 29, 2002)
    Description: Achieve the "professional", "corporate", "expensive" look.

    American Southwest (Nov. 22, 2001)
    Description: Design a site with that "American Southwest", "cowboy", "old saloon" look.

    Vintage/Retro (Nov. 21, 2001)
    Description: Learn to achieve that "old fashioned diner", "vintage", "retro" look.

    Crisp & Clean (Oct. 17, 2001)
    Description: Get that that "thin line", "clean color", "simple yet sophisticated" look.


    A new series focussing on explaining certain base concepts of design, regardless of the application being used.

    CONCEPTS: Layers (May 15, 2002, platinum, SitePoint Advisor)
    Platinum takes us through the concept of layers and how they work. For some this is one of the hardest parts of modern design programs, but you should have it sussed by the end of this!


    An initiative which was started but never caught on. Essentially members were encouraged to engage in a project and detail each step and the thoughts behind each step which took place in order to "shine the light" into how the creative process works. Feel free to take up the banner and do one of your own!

    PROJECTS: Making A Celeb Wallpaper (Nov. 20, 2001, Jeremy W., SitePoint Advisor)
    Wanderings in the mind of Jeremy producing a celebrity wallpaper. Perhaps not the prettiest piece, but definitely an entertaining read!
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    K, this is all updated, if anyone wants anything else added, or wants to start another thread, pm me
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