This one is different. This is a layout for my portfolio that i'm working on. I'm going with a horizontal scroller. Gonna have a little AJAX in it to make things move around a bit...

I haven't worked on whether I want a nav up top to enable the user to click around.

The yet unlabeled tab up top will use scriptaculous to get the user to "drag" the contact panel down, inside will be a dynamic form they can use to contact me. I'll use styled divs with "overflow: scroll;" to get the vertical content to sort of emulate an iframe.

I'm building this b/c I need a new job at an agency that knows what it's doing. I'm currently shooting for a senior position. Unfortunatly I made this just a touch too large vertically for notebook computers.

I'm going to use multiple layered wrappers to get the backgrounds to tile. It's a bit graphic intensive but the way I have in mind to break it apart it won't be too much of a problem, and I can keep my markup semantic. She's left aligned so styling this will be a piece of cake since it will be mostly positioned divs. They should have broadband so there will be no issue loading this.

What do you guys/gals think?