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    Post Strands Summer 2008 haXe Project Announcement

    Hi People,
    I would like to inform the community that Strands has decided to promote an initiative very similar to Google Summer of Code but specific for projects related to haXe ( If you are a student interested in developing an open source solution and earn money with it probably you can give a look at the announcement made here:
    If you don't know what I am talking about, haXe is both a language (based on ECMA script) and a compiler that targets Flash (versions 6 to 9), JS, Neko (a server side solution) and more recently PHP (sill in alpha).

    Regards and I hope you get interested,


    p.s. If I am totally off-topic I beg your pardon; I've seen the list of forum topics and this seemed the most appropriate one.
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