I am trying to work out why just one public directory on my linux server now outputs a php.err.log file.

When I checked my php.ini file, at the end of the normal file I find these lines seem to have been added:
// up to this point, just my normal ~1200 lines of a php ini file then ...

; Local Variables:
; tab-width: 4
; End:

< short_open_tag = On
> short_open_tag = Off
< safe_mode = Off
> safe_mode = On
< safe_mode_gid = Off

then ....

> open_basedir = "/var/www/"
< disable_functions =
> disable_functions =phpinfo,exec,system,eval,passthru,readfile,shell_exec
> //disable_functions =
< expose_php = On
> expose_php = Off
< ;error_log = filename
> error_log = php_err.log
These all seem to be valid values, I remember adding all the disable functions for example .... what are these lines all about and what do 407c408 etc mean?

The tab-width line at the top suggests it might be some old notes from a nix editor, I recently had my admin-guy upgrade the PHP version to 5.2.5

I still haven't worked out why only one directory is outputting php.err.log, that is another question really, but if you have a checklist of things I should look at then pls let me know.