.htaccess how to require authn for all files ina folder, besids certain file extentns

.htaccess, how to require authentication for files in a folder, besides certian file extentions?

hey guys, been trying this for about 24 hours now, and im just really beat..

im using apache2, and i been to a couple sites such as the apache doc site, and no help at all(as in nothing i try works). What i want to do is, require authencation for all files in a directory execpt certain files with a particular extention, allowing all files but some extentions.

so im attempting to add restriction for all files, and then trying to single out files with a particular extention and remove the require clause...not working though

i have a folder with some jpgs in it, and some folders with other files, and also jpgs, i will be linking those jpgs from other sites, so i need then to not require authentication, however, all the other files in the doc root i need to set authentication for.

this is what i have so far.

<Directory /home/www/shared/>

<Files *>
AuthType Basic
AuthName "This is a restriced site"
AuthUserFile /pass/a
AuthGroupFile /pass/g
Require group GroupName

#also tried saying overide none and placing the below in a .htaccess fle in the root dir
<FilesMatch "\.jpg$">
#<Files ~ "\.(jpg)$">
#<Files *.jpg>
Satisfy any
#Require none #i dont think this call (none) even exists, but i still tried it.
#Order deny,allow
Allow from all

#some other config info here


can some please help me, or perhaps suggest a link, or a better solution to my problem

thankx in advance.