Does anyone consider 1024 x 768 to be the new minimum resolution for viewing websites?

I'm just wondering because lately I've been visiting clients' offices/homes and seeing their site on their monitor and it seems much smaller than I planned for! So I was doing some window and catalog shopping and it seems to me that retailers and manufacturers are really trying to push out the 22" and up sized screens these days!

I mean, I guess I knew there was still a number of folks with the 800x600 resolution (you know, lightweight & mini laptops, notepads, etc. w/13.6-14" screens) and then the rest basically using 17" sized screens, but are there more of the larger ones being used more commonly? Should I be considering 1024x768 as my minimum size for a site design now?

I really try to design a fluid width whenever possible and then I view the sites in a larger resolution on screen capture sites. But in some cases fluid only solves wrapper and body area size issues, not font issues and problems with images being smaller than desireable from a larger-screen user's standpoint.

What are you thoughts on this? Anyone? Bueller? Is there any official word out on it?

Oh, and uhm, yeah, I know... rock + me living under it