Hi. I have been experiencing the following Apache behaviour:

I put a "Deny from" directive for a particular IP into one of the Apache configuration files (e.g. httpd.conf) on my server. Then I want to REVERT the directive, and no longer deny access from that IP. This proves next to impossible.

I have tried removing the "Deny" or replacing it with an "Allow" - always, of course, restarting Apache after making any change. But Apache seems to remember that this IP has been been denied access, and keeps denying. The only remedy I have found was to put an "Allow" for the same IP into the .htaccess file for the given directory - but the remedy only lasts while the "Allow" is in the .htaccess file. When I take it out, Apache reverts to its remembered "Deny" behaviour.

To recap:

- I put a "Deny from <IP>" in the Apache config file. Result: The IP gets denied.
- I eliminate the "Deny" from the Apache config file. Result: The IP is still denied.
- I put an explicit "Allow from <IP>" in the .htaccess file. Result: The IP is now allowed.
- I remove the "Allow" from the .htaccess file. Result: The IP is back to being denied.

I have not been successful at finding any clue about this behaviour on the Web. Does Apache cache its configuration directives, and add new ones without removing any already "cached" ones? Can anybody please explain the mechanism behind what I am seeing, and advise me what to do to make Apache forget a "Deny"?

By the way, my server is under Plesk. Does that matter, or is the behaviour I am seeing standard?

Many thanks in advance.