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    Type of opensource license for my project.

    I am working on a opensource project but having some troubles finding the accurate license for the software.

    Here's what I got in mind:

    1) User(s) can use my software to run their website free of charge. So doesn't matter if they are a business, personal or non-profit.

    2) User(s) can modify the codes in order to suit their needs.

    3) User(s) cannot modify my software, and resell it in some other name.

    So basically what I am saying is, you can use it for free to run your website, but you cannot take my software, modify it and sell it or distribute it.

    I looked at GPL and MIT License, but they don't quite agree with what I am after.

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    You're not looking for an open source license at all. The fact that your script may be distributed in a language that doesn't require compilation, and therefore the source is available to view or edit, doesn't make it "open source" the way that term is used.

    You're distributing your project the same as software off the shelf at a store -- the license is for use by the purchaser, and copyright automatically protects you against resale of the code, or any derivative works created through modification of the code. In other words, you don't need to say anything, just don't call it "open source".


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