I have a text field on my page. The user needs to be able to type in some value. I then need to pass this value through an a href link to another page in a new window. This is not a submit, but just through the a href url.
Can anyone help me?

Here is what I am doing so far, but now need to replace where it says serial=serial with the value the user just typed in.
I heard something about using .value, but how do I add that using JS without using a function?

<a href="/docs/ur/urblankform1.cfm?maj_asm_name=#form.maj_asm_name#&serial=serial&mb_operation=receipt_new&discovery_event=RECEIPT&report_cat_code=WEAPON&mbunit_problem_summary=UR+generated+from+Receipt+of+#form.maj_asm_name# onclick="check_serial()"> "