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    Lightbulb Advice Please, From A Webmaster or Dreamweaver Pro Regarding Proper Set-up.

    Quick Intro.
    Issues With Dreamweaver
    Please, Give Advice On One Or More Topics

    Quick Intro.


    I have been 'playing' with Dreamweaver for years without ever properly learning how to use it. Before starting this post I was looking at the "Adobe CS3 Bible" (about workflow in CS3), and the book is 1257 pages long. I'm very eager to learn on my own, but don't have the time to read it all

    Issues With Dreamweaver

    Dreamweaver Templates vs. CSS vs. CMS

    Basic knowledge of both Dreamweaver Templates and CSS is pretty easy.
    Which is better for a complex group of 'nested templates'?

    • 7-10 Top level categories each with some common elements and editable areas...
    • 50 to 100 sub categories all made from a 'top-level' parent template...
    • 400-1,000 Sub-sub categories each made from a parent 'sub-category'

    I know this can be done in with Dreamweaver templates, but I never got beyond making the first 10 templates.
    1. Would CSS be faster and more flexible, without the need to be 'married' to Dreamweaver's template system?
    2. I'm also considering a CMS, and would still be interested in expert opinions on Dreamweaver Templates vs. CSS for a large site, or network of related sites.
    3. Any advice on basic concepts for keeping organized??

    Managing A Huge Amount Of Files

    Picture an out of control mess, with thousand of files, mostly created as part of a 'fun hobby'. I've spent dozens of hours getting the folders more organized, so now I need advice on properly setting up a workflow which can handle a huige number of files.

    • If I put most of them in sub-folders and use the main folder as a 'Dreamweaver site' the cache updates take an obscene amount of time.
    • If I create dozens of separate site definitions, then I waste tons of time copying commonly used graphics files, setting up libraries, etc

    Anyone with experience have advice on proper set-up tips?

    Please, Give Advice On One Or More Topics

    Either the above subjects or...

    Cute FTP Pro vs. Dreamwaver Sync

    I recently bought the pro version of Cute FTP, and still need to tackle getting used to it. The multiple connections and folder syncing look really powerful, perhaps much better than taking the time to define a large number sites in Dreamweaver.

    • I have enough experience to know the Net is full of people who are 'experts' at making 1000's of 'Black-Hat SEO' garbage sites...
    • Somewhere there must be a few skilled people who know how to prepare to create ~200 to 400 "White-hat" quality, unique, original sites, right?

    If you were preparing to create a large number of projects would you tend to use Cute FTP Pro or Dreamwaver site definitions to manage the (eventual) move from home computer development to www live sites?

    Please, feel free to address just one subject, and don't think I'm expecting you to answer everything.
    Also, lively debates on, any related topic, might be fun

    Thank you very much.

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    Well using a decent CMS will be nice. As for the Cute FTP thing, Personally I don't like using dreamweaver to send files to the www live sites. So always using an FTP software is good.

    So what I suggest is to use a good CMS,probably one that is created using PHP and Mysql.

    Anyways I was just trying to see the situation.


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