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    Haven't used javascript before, please help.

    G'day to all,

    I normally do my programming in php. I have recently come across a form that I would like to do that may require javascript.

    Objective: What I would like is when a user is signing up to the form, one of the questions is to find out if they are related to a business that is already listed within my database.
    I would like to have a drop-down menu with all the business names listed, then if a user selects on of the names listed on the drop-down menu, I would like all the business details pulled from the database and displayed on the screen without the user submitting any form (avoiding a 2 stage process).

    Can anyone please help?

    Many thanks in advance
    BJ Duncan

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    First get it working without javascript.
    Once you have a working model that works without javascript, only then use javascript to improve the user-experience, and fetch the data without the extra pageload.
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    some users have turned off js too, dont u think having an alternative might help
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