I have a small db which stores information about homes that a real estate broker has listed at any given time.

I currently have it set up when the visitor to the site hits 'listings', all the homes available will come up as text links which say which area they are in.

So for instance if there are 3 listings in St. Louis county, there will be 3 text links....

St.Louis county
St.Louis county
St.Louis county

Instead of that I'm opting for a single text link to every municipality which will display all of the listings at once.

I'm using a very simple query to do so, but anytime a period is used, it yields nothing...

select * from homes
where homes.location = 'st.louis';

If I do this...

select * from homes
where homes.location = 'chesterfield';

it works fine.

This has got to be simple, but I'm not finding anything on it.

Thanks for any help,