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    HELP? Connect PHP to Mysql and Editor

    I've been building small php websites for years, and wish to store the data in mysql dbase. Two tables, one for html templates and one for content/articles , and wish to use fckeditor or similar in order to create new entries in either table.
    I looked a joomla and smarty, but those are an overkill for what I need. Any recommendations? Anyone know of just a simple php/mysql front page controller script with editor?

    Here's an interesting tutorial:
    Database driven template engine

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    You might just want to spin one yourself. Building a page to edit a field from a database isn't hard. If you are trying to merge the two (template and content) you'll also need to come up with your own template system.

    Here are some things to build
    Admin section
    Admin back end that displays the template tables and the content tables.
    Click on a record from either table and the data field is loaded into fckeditor.

    Template section
    In your templates, put special markers for the content (title, author, content, etc.). The special tags/markers might look like %%TITLE%% or something like that.
    Then, when you are ready to display the template, just do a search/replace on all of your tags with the data from the database.

    I spent countless hours looking for a similar system about a year ago. Most systems were either too bulky for what I wanted to do or were just garbage. I eventually wrote my own template system. Additional benefits are that I can slowly add more features as I need it.
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