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    Videos on my Blog - Legal

    I've just started this blog, pretty much everday i search for the funniest videos on the net and embed them in a new post. Recently i've read a little bit about legal issues with this. Can anyone give me some advice?

    The blog im talking about is in my signature.

    What do you think? Should i stop posting the videos?

    Also im in the process of creating a website where users will be able to post the funny videos they have found on the net, including pictures etc anything they found funny. If they post something that is copyrighted or something, am i liable, can i make it so im not responsible for what they post?

    Thanks in advance, Nick
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    If you are embedding copyrighted material and you haven't been granted permission to redistribute it, then it is illegal, albeit the hoster is more likely to get in trouble than you. If it is not copyrighted and the hoster has given you permission to use it, then there is no problem whatsoever with embedding videos from other sites. In theory YouTube should be removing ALL pirated videos from their site but in reality they seem to get away with hosting huge numbers of them and lots of people embed them in other sites, however they are still breaking the law and can be prosecuted, although it seems to be rather difficult to do so, otherwise YouTube would be losing a small fortune every day due to litigation.

    Also, you may wish to remove the link in your post above and place it in your signature, promotion of your own sites inside posts is not allowed here.


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