Am I missing anything?
I couldn't find any OS license that really "fit" what I wanted, so I just decided to write my own kinda thing. It's pretty basic.


phpVMS is Copyright 2008 Nabeel Shahzad
  • You may modify this program as you see fit, to suit your own purposes.
  • If you have patches or improvements, I request that you post them, so they can be incorporated into the main source tree.
  • You're not required to release to the public any changes you've made to the source.
  • All source files must retain the copyright message, whether you have modified them or not.
  • You must retain a visible link on your site, to A “powered by phpVMS” link would be preferred.
  • This software is free. Please do not charge anyone for it. However, charging for modifications/skins is ok.
  • There is no warranty, explicit or implied, and I am not liable in no way, shape, or form for any damage that is incurred as a direct, or indirect result of using this program.