Hi all,

I'm working on databasing part of our intranet at work. We're running Win2k and were going to be on SQL Server. However due to the NASDAQ and general tech downturn, the IT budget has been slashed so my database options are now as follows:

- Access

CF Express is the development platform (all simple stuff). I'm happy with Access and have used it before for this sort of thing, but in this case I just don't think it will scale well enough.

Anyway I'm having a prob with MyODBC, specifically ColdFusion won't connect to it. Now I don't know MySQL all that well, so I'm learning as I go along here For example, I have just discovered that DSNs are aparently supposed to be all uppercase using MyODBC

But I don't think case is the problem. I think it might be UID/password. At the moment I'm on a test Win2k box with everything installed under one account. When I go into MySQL I don't even get prompted - just drops me straight into a client session (as 'ODBC@localhost' apparently).

Should I somehow be specifying this UID (or a different one) in the MyODBC setup? Do I need to add another user account to MySQL?

Any ideas?