Hi everyone,
I have an issue with this layout: http://xrl.us/bh8g8

When increase the text size using Ctrl+ in FF and Safari (probably others as well) the 'main' DIV will eventually disappear altogether. I can't work out why.

Also, while the left and right columns move down when the header element increase in height, the main column stays put. I wish it all moved down.

The main structure of the layout is generated by the CMS I'm using. I wonder what I'd need to change...

These 2 things might be related i guess.

That's the site:

The relevant CSS files live here:

Aditionally,in the header is this:
#header { height:110px; }
#left { width:185px; }
#right { width:185px; }
#main {  margin-left:185px; margin-right:185px; }
Thanks for any help here.