Hi Frns
I want to maintain a UI document/Checklist (Excel-sheet) after the completion of each project (each project goes for an average 15 to 30 days) and share the document with the higher management.
I can think of a few basic things to include like
1. Weather all the browsers are tested or not for the required change.
2. Weather all the monitors like LCD, laptop tested.
3. Is the UI code okay or is it messed after application integration means after integrating .net code in it if the page is an aspx page
4. Do the required modified pages follow web standards weather all the images have alt tags and uploaded to proper folder etc
5. If any other site has similar functionality.

Please give your expert opinion on what can I include in the sheet/Document in order to present the project summary in a professional way.

Tx a bunch btw for ur suggessions:::::::