I have been searching for a week to find a usable answer to my problem; however, nothing I have tried seems to work.

Quick Rundown:
- Work for a big company with many local sites.
- I run one of the local sites.
- Can't add 3rd party applications (such as vBulletin) on company servers.
- Company allows us to use 3rd party hosting and has no problem with us having a forum.
- I would like to integrate the forum into the site.

My Flawed Solution:
- Create a Page on my local site
- Add an Iframe
- Use Javascript to allow the frame to fit the content

So far none of the solutions I have tried works for vBulletin. I have seen someone pull it off for phpbb so I know it has to be possible (http://www.hyperoctave.org/forum.php).

One of the issues I am facing is I have no access to the Body tag of the page on the company server. I can place Javascript into the Head of the document. I can also place code anywhere I want into the vbulletin doc.

Here are some of the solutions I have tried (rather than bore you with long posts of code, I will put the links to them here):

http://antionline.com/showthread.php?t=249585 (couldn't use onLoad in the body tag of the page on the company server).

That's about the extent of it. Some had me placing tags in the forum pages, some did not. None actually worked.

It would be better if the company just trusted vBulletin and allowed me to use it on the company servers, but they are probably wise in not allowing it, so here I am out of options.

Another of our markets did the same thing I am doing, he just used an iframe with no dynamic height and left the scroll bar in, which looks kind of tacky. I would rather leave vb as its own entity than do that.

Thanks for your help.