I use an online project/task management application to help me manage my projects (I am using the free version of ActiveCollab). When I have a small work load I find it is easy to keep the tasks/milestones up-to-date. However when I have a heavy workload I find that it takes too much time and effort to keep the project management up-to-date. This is ironic since with the heavier work load is when I really need the help to keep all the tasks in order. I must be doing something wrong.

How specific should you be with the task/milestones? Should I task step-by-step or keep it general?

Do you update the task on the fly (finish a task and tick it off)? Or do you update the tasks daily or only when you get a chance?

I really need to figure out a way to use these tools more efficiently, any help appreciated.

BTW - this is for personal project management, this is not for projects with teams.