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    Question LastModified function C#

    I have this javaScript in a .NET Page that uses MasterPage.
    The Script is suppose to show the modified date and instead is showing current date when I used in a .Net Page using Master Page.

    I will like to know if there is a Similar Script C# that I can put in my code behind page and assign the value to a label control on the page.

    Here is the JavaScript:
    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
    <!-- hides script from older browsers
    document.write("Last updated " + (document.lastModified))
    // end hiding -->

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    Why do you want to put it into a label control?

    Look here:

    But if you can use FileInfo[].modifiedDate property of the file in context.

    Should work, atleast -Ive been doing Coldfusion lately.
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